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Solidarity Law is seeking one-time article submissions, regular contributors, as well as assistance with interviewing law firms and writing profiles for the Legal Accessibility Guide, an ongoing project to provide people in Wisconsin with information about the accessibility characteristics of local law firms/lawyers in the areas of communication accessibility, financial accessibility, physical accessibility, and representational accessibility. 

Email pitches, submissions, and other inquiries to: willkramer@solidaritylaw.com. Preference will be given to women and people of color.

I am a firm believer in the importance of encryption for digital communications, regardless of whether your subject matter is sensitive in any way. To encrypt your email so that only I can read it, please utilize the following public key.

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Helpful tools and information about encryption

Why typical passwords are so insecure

How to create better passwords

Introduction to PGP encryption for email

Mailvelope plug-in and instructions for PGP for use with web-based mail (Chrome or Firefox)

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